- What's My (public) IP Address?

Your public IP address is:

Hostname: loading...

To get your public IP address from the command line (the reason why I wrote this): 1) No curl?


This interface can also be used for different response formats and uses:

curl - Binary string (0's and 1's)
curl - Binary
curl - DNS hostname lookup
curl - Geographical information
curl - Geographical information (JSON)
curl - Hexadecimal string
curl - HTML
curl - Integer
curl - Javascript
curl - JSON
curl - Long integer unsigned
curl - PHP
curl - rDNS reverse DNS lookup
curl - Shell script
curl - SOAP (WSDL)
curl - Text
curl - XML
curl - XML-RPC

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1 If you don't have curl, you can use for example:   wget -qO -

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